Bespoke Singing Tuition

David offers tuition in London to singers of all levels. 
Please use the form below for availability enquiries.

Shortlisted for Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year 2017, David's flexible methods are very much aimed at discovering and nurturing the unique voice within each of his pupils, and his teaching experience encompasses the full spectrum of both age and experience, from beginners to aspiring professionals.

He is particularly adept at working with children and young people, as exemplified by his work with the innovative Bach to Baby concert series. Children's voices require careful development, and David offers this alongside full ABRSM Exam preparation, including aural and theory.

His warm, friendly and straightforward approach allows him to quickly build a rapport with his pupils. From this solid foundation he is able to build a bespoke programme based on the individual aims of each pupil, whether singing for pleasure, working towards grade exams, improving technique for choral singing, or audition preparation.

Repertoire choices vary depending on the interests of the student and range from core pieces from all periods of classical music through to musical theatre and Disney songs. Songs and arias in Italian, German, French and English all offer different learning opportunities, and David teaches the International Phonetic Alphabet to facilitate stress-free, accurate singing in any language.

As an accomplished pianist and sight-reader, David is able to offer the full experience of singing with piano accompaniment in all lessons. Those exploring singing for the first time often have questions about how lessons will work. These questions and uncertainties are all part of the learning process, and the most frequently asked are answered below. Please do contact David directly if you have specific queries.

I really enjoyed David’s lessons. He helped me through a tough and long West End audition process and without his coaching I probably wouldn’t have got the job! I would recommend David to anyone.


Where can I have my lessons?
David is happy to travel and give evening and weekend lessons in your home. On weekdays between 10am and 5pm he offers tuition at a reduced hourly rate in a comfortable home studio between Stockwell and oval stations. Alternatively, lessons can be arranged at reasonably priced rehearsal studios in central London. The studio hire charge is payable in addition to the lesson fee.

Do I need a piano?
A piano or suitable keyboard is needed - if you don’t have one, lessons can be arranged at a rehearsal studio.

How much do lessons cost?
Weekdays after 5pm and weekends, in your home:
£50 - 60 minutes
£70 - 90 minutes

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, at David's studio in Oval/Stockwell:
£40 - 60 minutes
£60 - 90 minutes

Full-time students:
Please ask for current rates.

Other lesson durations by arrangement.

What length of lesson should I have?
For beginners and younger students, 60 minutes is an ideal length. Advanced students may prefer a 90 minute lesson in order to allow more detailed work on specific pieces.

I've never had a singing lesson before. Is that OK?
Yes! David works with singers of all levels, from children and adult beginners to advanced students. Whatever your current level, David can help you to sing with greater ease, confidence and enjoyment.

Do I need to be able to read music?
No. The ability to read music is helpful, but not essential, and it is a skill that can be developed in tandem with your singing. If you already read music but would like to do so more fluently, David can offer specific advice and exercises to help your progress.

Do I need to provide sheet music?
If there is a specific song or aria that you would like to work on, please do have a copy of the music in the appropriate key. If you’re not sure where you’d like to start, David is always ready to offer repertoire suggestions.

Should I bring a backing track?
Backing tracks, though useful under some circumstances, can be restrictive. If you’re learning a new piece, it’s much more helpful to bring David a copy of the printed music so that he can work with you at the piano.

When can I have my lessons?
David works at the times listed below. Please use the contact form to check specific availability.
Mondays 2pm-9pm Clapham / Balham / Wandsworth
Tuesdays 2pm-9pm Borough / Bermondsey / Southwark
Wednesdays 2pm-9pm Highgate / Muswell Hill / Crouch End
Saturdays 9am-1pm Clapham / Balham / Wandsworth
If your area or preferred time is not listed it may still be possible to arrange lessons. This may incur an additional charge.

Will David prepare me for grade exams?
For students wishing to take graded music exams, David offers comprehensive preparation for singing, aural and theory.

Is David DBS-checked?
Yes, David has a current Enhanced DBS Certificate.

How can I tell if my child needs singing lessons?
If your child loves to sing around the house, or wants to join a choir, they can benefit from singing lessons to ensure that their voice develops gently and healthily. Learning to sing develops self-confidence, posture and the production of the speaking voice, while instilling a lifelong love of music.

Can we do a group booking?
Individual lessons are preferable as each person’s needs are different, but group bookings are possible in some circumstances, especially for choirs. Please contact David directly to discuss.

Will I notice a difference immediately?
Singing technique takes time to develop, but students generally see immediate results in some areas as they learn to free their voice.

How many lessons will I need?
Weekly lessons are recommended, as regular tuition is vital in order to cultivate good habits and prevent unhelpful ones from creeping in. Even professional singers take lessons throughout their lives to ensure that the voice remains balanced - how long you wish to study for will depend on your personal aims.

Can I record my lesson?
Yes! David actively encourages audio recording of lessons. Listening back to the lesson a couple of days later is a tremendously effective way of reinforcing learning.

How much do I need to practise?
Again this will depend on your personal aims and objectives, and David can offer advice tailored to your situation. Little and often is the key to maintaining good vocal health. If you’re short on time, even 15 minutes of concentrated work each day will make a difference. More time than this is required when learning new pieces.

I think I’m tone deaf. Can David help me?
Yes! Being 'tone deaf' is simply not yet having developed the correct coordination between the sound you hear and the sound you produce. This can be fixed with careful training, and David has worked successfully in the past with students who felt at first that they were tone deaf.

How long will it take to train my voice?
That depends on where you start, where you want to get to, and how much you want to practice! Most students show some improvements within the first few weeks, but continue to work to develop their voices over several years.

David has been an inspiration since the first day my son Raphael heard him sing. We have known David for two years now, and it is a joy to have him around. David understands Raphael, challenges, supports and allows him to bloom! We are fortunate to have David as Raphael’s singing teacher: he has opened the door to music.


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